Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, Monday

 Happy Monday! I started the week out with a 2 hour massage this morning. At first, I was a little afraid that this would be too long or that I would fall asleep on the table. I was wrong, and it was heavenly! Every morning should start out like this. Ahh...

The weekend was pretty uneventful, and I wrapped it up last night with the Real Housewives of New Jersey, which was a fabulous hour and 15 minutes, might I add! Those women never cease to amaze me- did you love all of the guns, pink zebra print and TMI last night? I hate that I watch it (along with Real Housewives of New York, Real Housewives of Orange County and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) but I am addicted with a capital "A".  And can we talk about Teresa's Pocahontas/Eskimo coat? Where on earth would you find such a thing?

Anyways, I started this blog back in January and then got too busy with work and school to keep up with it. I started back up this summer as a creative outlet and because it's been something that I've wanted to do for a while. This is a tad late, but here is a little bit about me...

  1. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Minnesota. The winters really are as bad as you would imagine, but the summer and fall make it worth living here. I forget all about the horrendous season that is winter once summer rolls around.
  2. I went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.The city of Superior may be referred to as "The armpit of the country" (no, seriously!) but I think it's glorious. There was a Super Wal-mart (Eww, I know), an Erbert and Gerbert's and Tower Ave- an entire street lined with townie bars. What more do you need in college? My dreams of living in a small town came true when I moved there and it was the most fun I've ever had- I really miss those days...
  3. I'm currently in grad school getting my teaching license and Master of Arts in Teaching. Best. Decision. EVER. I had a great job at a fortune 500 company right out of college, and would have gone on to make more money than I ever will as a teacher. The only thing was that I was completely miserable. No amount of money is worth being unhappy for- it took me a long time to realize this.
  4. I love to dance! I took lessons for15 years and miss it like crazy!
  5. I am a pop culture junkie. I devour celebrity news/magazines/websites like they're candy-I can't get enough.
  6. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now, and boy do people love to make us uncomfortable with the, "So when is the wedding?" question. It gets a little old having people ask to see your left hand before they even say hello. No, we're not engaged yet, but it will happen. I promise. And thankyouverymuch for pointing out that it's "Been 4 years!"- I am well aware.
  7. I spend what little money I have on clothes and accessories. I own more scarves and handbags than anyone should...
  8. I love to do crafts and crafty things! I'm no Martha Stewart, but I can use a staple gun and mod podge with the best of them!
  9. I am also a cosmetics junkie and currently have three make-up bags on my bathroom counter that are FULL of products. I am basically keeping MAC in business. How nice.
  10. I am new to the blog world and don't know quite what I'm doing yet, so please forgive me!

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